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Sunday Tea Discussion on Crazy Rich Asians
On a warm Sunday afternoon a group of movie fans gathered at Paul Kwok’s studio to discuss the recent blockbuster movie Crazy Rich Asians. In a discussion led by Walter Graff and Mary Yee, a spirited exchange among many different points of view ensued. Encouraged by bountiful snacks and delicious tea,
Sunday Tea with Wing Young Huie
On the afternoon of March 31, the Chinese Heritage Foundation’s Sunday Tea Series presented photographer Wing Young Huie in a talk on his career and his new book, Chinese-ness, The Meaning of Identity and the Nature of Belonging...
Bill Wadding presents “All the Tea in China”
On a balmy May afternoon the Chinese Heritage Foundation Friends presented Will Waddington of TeaSource in an informative talk titled, All the Tea in China. In a high-spirited, freewheeling interactive session with an engaged audience...
2019 Open House
On the crisp morning of November 17, 2019, the Chinese Heritage Foundation held its fifteenth anniversary open house, again at the party room of the Gramercy Co-op Building in Richfield. Amid the excited buzz about this year’s honoree, Ruth Stricker Dayton...
2019 CHF/CHFF Outreach Activities
During Chinese New Year season CHFF participated in the MOA celebration, and CHF presented a celebration at The Marsh.