2016 was an eventful year for CHFF.  In addition to our annual festive A Passage to China event at Mall of America, we spent the remainder of the year organizing 150 of us to attend the world premiere of ‘our’ opera, Dream of the Red Chamber on September 10 in San Francisco.


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2016 A Passage to China 


2016 World Premiere of Dream of the Red Chamber:

CHFF Goes to Dream World Premiere

2016 Dream Post Premiere Luncheon

2016 A Passage to China
To the Chinese, the circle signifies completeness. In the old days, every married couple treasured a round bronze mirror: their happiness complete. The roundness of the full moon is of course an image to be celebrated and emulated...
Dream of the Red Chamber Premiere
Our project to commission a new grand opera based on the classic novel Dream of the Red Chamber culminated in its world premiere by the San Francisco Opera on September 16, 2016...