2018 is off to a great start with a calligraphy exhibit by wellpknown calligrapher Zhang YanSheng from China.  Read his bio here.

Calligraphy Exhibit by Zhang YanSheng
Calligrapher Zhang YanSheng 张燕生 was born in Beijing in 1953. Growing up in a scholarly family he was steeped in the traditional discipline of calligraphy and studied the calligraphy of all the famous calligraphers such as 王羲之 from an early age...
CHF Day at Theater Mu
Since its founding in 2004, the Chinese Heritage Foundation has supported area theater companies whenever they have planned a production with a Chinese connection. The History Theatre’s production of A Hundred Men’s Wife...
2018 Open House
On a sunny afternoon on October 28 CHF presented its 14th annual open house to a capacity audience. There was a festive feeling of celebration in the air as family members and long time friends of our honoree this year, David Fong, greeted him as he arrived with his wife Helen. There were big smiles all around and much excited chatter as everyone greeted each other
Decoding Chinese Opera
On the afternoon of December 9, an audience, consisting primarily of opera and music lovers, was abuzz with excitement, in anticipation of a Chinese Heritage Foundation lecture/recital showcasing prominent Chinese opera star, Feifei Shen, from Beijing.