CAAM – to present a concert by the Performance Group of Affiliated High School to Renmin University. The Middle School Affiliated to Renmin University is very famous in Beijing. It has 4,000 pupils, drawn from the Beijing area. Potential pupils are identified in the third year of elementary school. The school’s mission statement includes the respect of individual students’ differing personalities, and the school adopts a pupil-centred approach to education. It is the aim of pupils and staff alike to make the school world famous, both through its academic achievement, and through its excellent performance in extra-curricular activities, such as music, sport, and invention. The performance group of Affiliated High School to RenminUniversity is composed of symphony orchestra, chorus and dancing team with 200 talented students. They will present a public concert at o”Shaughnessy Auditorium on February 25.


Families with China from Asia – to present several films documentaries with our group of adoptive families, to help increase understanding of current life in China. Over 95% of our community has children born in China. Builds strong, adoptive intercultural families by providing support, education, and cultural awareness. We address this on an annual basis, planning timely programming that addresses Chinese culture, adoptee culture, and parenting concerns. The first of these, Spilled Water, is a documentary about how the economic transformation of China is changing the roles, rights and social status of women. Chicago-based filmmaker May May Tchao filmed four Chinese women from different social and economic backgrounds. Her website . provides more information. The second, Super, Girls! , is a documentary about a Chinese singing contest. The film follows the contestants over several months.


Minnesota Chinese Dance Theatre – to support the program for production of the MCDT Annual Concert of Rainbow Series 2015. The objective is to join the community effort to promote diverse cultures and to celebrate and commemorate the 70th Anniversary of Victory of WWII. The program starts from March to October, 2015 at University of St Thomas. The MCDT dancers will perform at the MCDT Annual Concert of Rainbow Series 2015, at Voice of Peace for commemorating the 70th Anniversary of Victory of WWII, at various community centers for seniors and low income families, and at certain special events in the Twin Cities.


Minhua Chorus – to present a series of events, titled Voice of Peace, in October, to commemorate the 70th annicersary of the ending of WWII. The Voice of Peace concert will take place on October 24 in Benson Great Hall of Bethel University and will feature songs, music and dances created during the occupation of China by the Japanese Imperialist Army and they reflected the people’s will and desire for peace.


The Film Society of Minneapolis and St. Paul – To continue the Society’s efforts to program films that speak to all audiences, films that often highlight parallels between different cultures, has resulted in a remarkably increased community engagement in its work and equally increased and broadened attendance. This Chinese program will include five (5) contemporary Chinese documentary and narrative feature films as part of the 2016 Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival. Visiting filmmakers from China will enhance the experience for audiences, providing context, promoting conversation and encouraging learning and greater cross-cultural understanding. The films selected for the program will not be finalized until closer to the event – this is typical of festivals – but they will represent the best in critically acclaimed cinema out of China today.


Ordway Center for the Performing Arts – to present, during the Flint International Children’s Festival, the Hanggai, a Chinese folk music group from Beijing that specializes in a blend of Mongolian folk music (using Mongolian throat singing) and more modern styles. This six-member group strives to bring a unique sound to China, while strengthening Mongolian culture overall. The band has performed around the world, and will come to the Twin Cities in April, 2016.