Theater Mu – 2024 – in support of the co- production, with History Theatre, of the world premiere of Blended Harmony 2024 support of production of the newly created musical ‘Blended Harmony’

Chinese American Culture and Friendship – 2024 –  in support of the Chinese New Year celebration performance by Renmin University Affiliated High School Performance Troupe.

YMCA of the North Wilderness Camp Menogyn – 2022, 2023, 2024 – to support attendance of Chinese American youths, both boys and girls, in the Bold & Gold Program. This program provides youths with opportunities for leadership development and character-building in an outdoor setting. Every BOLD & GOLD trip has curriculum that focuses specifically on sharing of self, self-reflection, team building, stewardship, and leadership that is rooted in a wilderness experience such as canoeing.

Minnesota Yucai Chinese School, St. Thomas Academy Chinese Program, Yinghua Academy, Totino-Grace High School Chinese Program – 2023 – in support of encouraging education of Chinese culture and history among its students and families, such as attendance at the special exhibit, Eternal Offerings, Chinese Ritual Bronzes, at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Co-curated by world-famous designer Tim Yip and curator Liu Yang, this boundary-breaking and immersive exhibit took attendees through several ancient Chinese rituals in which these bronzes took center stage.

Chinese Heritage Foundation Friends – 2023 – to support outreach activities to promote mutual understanding between the Chinese community and the Greater Twin Cities community.

Minnesota Yucai Chinese School – 2020 – in support of special programming for students in distance learning imposed by the COVID-10 pandemic. To counteract lack of communication and exercise, Ycuai Chinese School, will be working with Theater Mu to offer their students an online theater program, to enrich their stay home life experience and enhance their leaning opportunities.

China Center, University of Minnesota – 2020 – in support of many needs of Chinese students on campus during the unexpected Covid Pandemic.