Margaret Wong, Ming Tchou and Summer Ahern

To encourage interest in Chinese culture and heritage, and to foster a spirit of volunteerism, CHF has created a program for young volunteers, from junior high school through college, to volunteer at CHF events and those of other Chinese organizations. Those who have volunteered for a minimum of 20 hours within a 12-month period, will be awarded a certificate at a public event. If you are interested in volunteering with us, or if your organization would like to offer opportunities for our volunteers, please contact us at [email protected].


Summer Ahern – 2016 Young Volunteer Summer has been a longtime volunteer at CHF. She was a constant presence at our annual A Passage to China celebrations at Mall of America, working at various arts tables and, more recently, as a video photographer during the cultural performances at Sears Court. Many of these videos were then uploaded to the Video Wall in the Rotunda for instant replays. Summer also worked hard at our founder, Ming Thou’s 89th birthday celebration. She created photographic displays and also folded all the intricate paper holders for the CHF chopsticks. Summer was a cheerful volunteer, always willing to step into new challenges, and received our first Young Volunteer Award at our 2016 A Passage to China. Many congratulations, Summer!


Award Recipients:

Kiri Werner 2024

August Mahler 2024

Claire Woodson 2020

Alexandra Koullick 2019

Caroline Dewey 2019

XuXu Pomonis 2019

Grant Scheuermann 2018

Sarah Cao 2017

Summer Ahern 2016