If you missed an of our fun-filled events, come here to find out what we did, who was there, what they said, and what they ate.


2023-2024 Events
As the COVID pandemic receded to the rear view mirror, CHFF resumed its activities throughout the metropolitan areas. It pioneered new activities such as celebrating Chinese New Year in a new venue: a brewery, where many young families now choose to spend some of their free time..
2020 - 2022 Events
2020 has been a most unexpected year for all of us, as well as CHF. We were only able to present one event, Dr. Yang Liu on the snuff bottles
2019 Events
CHF has been busy this year, starting with Chinese New Year celebrations at Mall of America, Midtown GLobal Market and The Marsh. We followed with three highly successful Sunday Teas at artist Paul Kwok’s studio: a lively discussion on the popular movie, Crazy Rich Asians;
2018 Events
2018 is off to a great start with a calligraphy exhibit by wellpknown calligrapher Zhang YanSheng from China.
2017 Events
2017 has been another exciting year for CHF. We traveled to Hong Kong to attend the Asia premiere of Dream of the Red Chamber, as well as to Beijing to attend the China premiere of Dream. The role that our Dream opera has assumed in U.S. China Cultural Dialogue has been overwhelming!!
2016 Events
2016 was an eventful year for CHFF. In addition to our annual festive A Passage to China event at Mall of America, we spent the remainder of the year organizing 150 of us to attend the world premiere of ‘our’ opera, Dream of the Red Chamber
2015 Events
Ming Tchou Receives The Brightest Chinese Minnesotan Award / The First China Tribune Cup On a bitterly cold January evening
2014 Events
It seems that the sun is always shining on the day of CHF Open House every year, and it was no exception this year. A jovial crowd gathered promptly at the festively decorated Gramercy Party Room
2013 A Tribute to Ming
On this August (!) day in high summer CHF Friends celebrated the 89th birthday of its founder,13ming2 32 20140103 1022602371 Ming Tchou. Ming’s birthday, on the fourth day of the seventh month on the Chinese lunar calendar
2012 Events
On a bright, clear October 14 afternoon CHF held its eighth open house at the Gramercy Park party room. It was attended by a convivial crowd that included devoted contributors, grant award recipients and honorees and their families.
2011 Events
On a brilliant Sunday afternoon close to 100 people came to the Chinese Heritage Foundation’s 7thannual open house at Gramercy Park to celebrate another eventful year in the Foundation’s young history.
2010 Events
One of the goals of the Chinese Heritage Foundation (CHF) has always been to bring different segments /generations of the local Chinese community together.
2009 Events
On a brilliant Sunday afternoon on October 18, 2009, the Chinese Heritage Foundation (CHF) held its Fifth Annual Open House at Gramercy Park. It was a landmark celebration for this new organization.
2008 Open House
Our Foundation celebrated four years of grant making and outreach cultural activities with an afternoon open house at the Gramercy Park party room in Richfield on October 19. Several award recipients, including Arts Midwest, Patrick Henry High School and artist Tacoumba Aikens recapped highlights of their award activities...
2007 Events
At our third annual open house this year we welcomed two special guests: Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dayton. Mr. Dayton was to receive a special tribute from CHF as our honorary Chinese Minnesotan of Note
2006 Events
On October 15, 2006 CHF held its second annual open house. We welcomed many loyal members as well as interested newcomers. In addition to the many delectable hors d’oeuvres, members enjoyed the tea tasting presented by TeaSource of St. Paul.
2005 Events
On Sunday October 16, 2005 our Foundation held its first annual open house. On a beautiful sunny afternoon 60 members and visitors came to Gramercy Park to celebrate our first birthday.