A Passage to China is a free, annual outreach festival created by our Foundation in 2008. Taking place at Mall of America and consisting of numerous interactive activities and cultural performances, the goal of this festival is to advance mutual courtesy and understanding among all peoples in Minnesota and around the world. This is best expressed by the commissioned couplet that hangs at our entrance gates: With mutual understanding, U.S. and China will thrive together.With mutual courtesy, the world will shine in splendor together.

Visit descriptions and photo galleries of our past several presentations, come to Mall of America and enjoy the sights and sounds of our many activities in person, and if you have time, come volunteer with us and reap the rewards of giving freely of your time.


2013 A Passage to China

2012 A Passage to China

2011 A Passage to China

2010 A Passage to China

2009 A Passage to China

2008 A Passage to China