Many of you will have already heard about the excitement surrounding the new exhibit that just opened at Mia, Eternal Offerings: Chinese Ritual Bronzes. Created jointly by Tim Yip, world-renowned art designer of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fame, and Yang Liu, curator of Chinese art at Mia, this boundary-breaking installation reimagines the context for which these bronzes were created. Eschewing words altogether, and deploying state of the art projectors and newly installed LED lights (both purchased expressly for this exhibit,) floor-to-ceiling custom-designed wall coverings, soft fabrics of numerous hues, mirrors, and subtle display cases and stands, Tim and Yang have created six theatrical and evocative galleries, each with its own ritual, and transported us back in time to three to four thousand years ago, when these bronzes shone for the ritual purposes for which they were created.

Dramatic and intricate color lighting, designed by A. J. Weissbard, imbues each gallery with a specific warmth, atmosphere, and ethos, and greets us as we traverse millennia of bronze rituals. We go from darkness to light, from forest to temple, from mystery to serenity.

To invite you to come to Mia to enjoy this immersive experience, CHF has teamed up with Mia and created a CHF Day @ Mia on April 16, and Mia is offering you a 50% discount on an unlimited number of tickets on that day (from $20/ticket to $10/ticket) to come to experience this unique and exciting exhibit. Details are as follows:

Visit Mia website:, or call 612-870-3000.
Select the date April 16
Select number of adult tickets (at $20 each), student (ages 6-17, free) and child (0-5, free)
On the Order Summary on the right-hand side of the screen, under option ‘Apply Promo Code’ enter CHF50
You will now see your 50% discounts on your adult tickets. You may then proceed to Checkout.

You will agree that 50% off an unlimited number of adult tickets is a wonderful offer from Mia! Mia also suggests that we bring family and friends! So please do!!

We suggest that you plan to come between 1-3 PM on April 16. We will be there to greet you as you enter Target Gallery to experience the Exhibit at your leisure. Afterwards we invite you to join us downstairs in the social area facing the Chinese Garden outside. This will give us a chance to mingle and exchange reactions. We want to share our joy that these 150 exquisite bronze objects are being seen once again. Only this time the ritual will be different: it will be for one of universal love for beauty and creativity, one of promoting mutual respect and understanding among all peoples. This is the mission that drives Tim’s art.